FARRIS (Rewien Gayadin 1979) A new singer with a wonderful warm recognizable voice released his first single Back On My Feet which came out June 12 2014.

Back On My Feet is a catchy pop song with an Undeniable feelgood vibe. It tells the story of someone who has overcome his inner demons. Back On My Feet is produced by Jeroen den Hengst who is mostly known from his work with several dutch artists like: Lois Lane, Horn of plenty, Birgit.

After Farris landed back on his feet he released a second single. The mysterious STEVIE WONDER cover “CREEPIN’ which Stevie recorded with Minni Ripperton back in 1974.

Farris always loved that song, but his friend Monique Klemann (From the Dutch popband LOIS LANE) came up with the idea to record it for his upcoming album (Talk Of The Town).) Farris agreed but only if... Monique took the Ripperton part, so she did!

In March 2015 Farris released his debut album TALK OF THE TOWN and start promoting with some Gigs, Radio and TV. August 17 his third single/video A’ LOVE came out. A’ LOVE is a catchy Motown song, a very positive vibe. It makes you wanna dance and instantly puts a smile on your face.

February 15, 2016; Farris will be releasing a new single / video THE PAST. A song about leaving a loved one behind to explore new things under the horizon.

Instagram : farrismusic